Fulltime Freestyle Mixtape Vol​.​6 - Where The Fuck Have I Gone?

by Field Medic

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Recorded live on September 2nd at 11th avenue records. Tracks 1, 2, & 4 were freestyled live in one take. Track 3 is a rendition from a song off of my LP 'Light is Gone', which you can listen to here: fieldmedic.bandcamp.com/album/light-is-gone

watch the movie of the making of this mixtape here:

Huge thank you to Tommy P & Amanda Salguero for being my band on this album & being willing to go fulltime freestyle.

xoxo kp


released October 26, 2016

Kevin Patrick: Vocals, Guitar
Tommy P: Drums, Piano, Production, Mixing, Mastering
Amanda Salguero: Bass, Vocals



all rights reserved


SUNROOM RECORDZ & SALON San Francisco, California

d.i.y cassette record label, art cult, publishing house, & fashion gang based in san francisco

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Track Name: where the fuck have i gone?
oh my fucking god
where the fuck have you gone?
it's a fucked up place
what am i thinking? oh...
i wanna fly somewhere new
i wanna become snow
heart cold
so lonesome & blue
every color looks like u
something strange in the changing hue
take me home
take me home my dear
oh you lead me here!
me here...
happy new year
happy new year!

25, alright
life of strife
feeling like
nothing changes but my mind
so i wanna go home & cry
but i don't, find the pill
medicine cabinet keeps me chill
heart is cold
brain of stone
no one locks the door
i'm home alone
no one walks me down to class
no one knows when i'm gonna pass
i saw a stone with a name
i was stoned so i can't complain
when the burglers robbed & came
there was a problem - they took my name
had to go to the bank & get a new plastic thing

where the fuck have you gone?
take me home...
i'm so alone

there's wolves at my front door
they're licking their hauches now
the demons call me phone
say they wanna have a brief pow wow
i been keepin on
i been keepin on
but i don't know how...
i could tell you something's wrong
i could say that something's wrong
but you don't know how

where the fuck have i gone?
Track Name: nightmare blues
i was traveling a long dark winding road
what did i see from the seeds that i had sewed?
i found myself on a golden tipped road
i follow that gold
baby i'm a miner 49er you know
i'm just trapped here
hobo in san francisco
on the golden road
i saw a funny bird
it sang a song
i recognized what i'd heard
i'd heard the song before, sounded kinda nice
when i asked the bird what the words were
the bird chirped & said "pay pay the price"
i can't pay the price!
lord... i can't pay the price
i been so poor, on the streets of...
take my phone, take my money, take my wallet - take my life
but i'm gonna get that codeine & i'm gonna start to feel alright

ran into the problem when i followed geneva du$t
it went inside me & the sister i knew lost their trust
sorry sisters, didn't mean to make you mad
it's just the geneva du$t
it turned me into a bad dad
o what a price to pay when you make a mistake
it's fulltime freestyle baby so don't look away...

so down upon that road when i spoke to the lost soul
& they took me for a stroll put my shoes on petrol
i couldn't afford the gas
& the 200 i passed
& i lost everything i own...
3 a.m thugs coming thru said they want everything i got
pull a gun on me baby, you're gonna get everything in my pocket

i'm so destitute
speaking with a chipped tooth
my throat is dry, i cough once or twice
can't believe everything feels like a dream
but the mare is of the night
riding on a mare...

Track Name: Graffiti Paint (Remix)
sometimes i wish that i could just
join a gang
cuz life's only as precious as
the streets are dangerous for sure
but the hood shows love
while all these well to do people i know
are cold as fuck

my love's neon & permanent
my love's like graffiti paint
my love's a crime by morning light
so my love always goes to waste

i like making rice
you like making calls
& it makes no difference
if you show up drunk to my house
& i act pissed off
it's just cuz i'm a pouty bitch
who constantly
tells heself that me's the best
cuz him is scared 2 death
so when you're happy asking he
"baby what's wrong?"
it's hard for him or i to admit
Track Name: feels like a wedding
feels like a wedding
look at my veil!
feels like a wedding
can i catch that bouquet too?
marry me baby!
marry me true
marry me mama!
that's what you must do!
it feels like a wedding!
look at my veil!
look at me true